K’Andre Miller of the Rangers was given a three-game suspension for spitting on Drew Doughty of the Kings.


K’Andre Miller of the New York Rangers has been given a three-game suspension for spitting on Drew Doughty of the Los Angeles Kings. Miller has been suspended for three games by NHL Player Safety following an investigation into the event.

Miller spit on Doughty during the first period of Sunday’s victory over the Kings, earning him a game misconduct. He was then dismissed from the game.

Miller apologized on social media after the game, saying that spitting on Doughty was an accident.

Miller added, “I have the utmost regard for Drew Doughty, and what happened was entirely inadvertent. “I would never purposefully do something like that. It is incompatible with who I am as a person and a player. I was very sorry about it, and I appreciate Drew giving me the chance to make up and explain myself in person after the game.”

Doughty expressed surprise at what transpired in his post-game press conference, but he expressed uncertainty as to whether Miller intended it.

Doughty told the media, “Obviously, I was just shocked. “I don’t even remember what I said to him after, but I simply went to the referee right away to attempt to get the penalty.

“Something like that shouldn’t be seen in this game. I’m not sure if I’ve ever witnessed that. Although I haven’t witnessed it, I’m sure it has happened. It’s unfortunate, and I’m not sure if he intended to do it or not. I was somewhat irate since I have a large loogie on my face.

While serving his suspension, Miller will now be required to sit out games against the Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators, and Boston Bruins.

The Rangers might have to play with a thin blue line during that time. In acquiring Patrick Kane from the Chicago Blackhawks, the Rangers haven’t given themselves much leeway under the salary cap and may find it difficult to bring up further help if Ryan Lindgren’s injury prevents him from playing for any time.