NHL Power Rankings: Panthers pounce on top spot behind play of Sergei Bobrovsky between pipes


The first two weeks of the NHL season can be a dangerous time for anyone trying to project what will happen the rest of the season. Not every team’s start — good or bad — is exactly what it seems.

The Toronto Maple Leafs already have their fans sweating, but the team hasn’t had many bounces go their way. On the other hand, teams like the St. Louis Blues and the San Jose Sharks are riding high on unsustainable shooting percentages.

Now we have to sort out what is real and what is just smoke and mirrors.

One team that looks very real is the Florida Panthers, who have managed to wrestle the top spot away from the Wild. They have been getting the goaltending they couldn’t get for much of the last two years, and that has made all the difference in the world.