Rumors of a Kevin Durant trade are unconvincing, and teams are reportedly unwilling to assist with the transaction.


More than a month has passed since the start of the Kevin Durant trade rumors, and no agreement has yet been reached. Although discussions are undoubtedly ongoing, it doesn’t appear like a transfer will happen anytime soon. Ian Begley claims that there is “a lot of pessimism” regarding a Durant deal concluding soon.

Begley also points out that the Brooklyn Nets have had trouble locating a third or fourth team to help execute such a trade, despite the fact that they haven’t been able to come up with a bid that would be sufficient for Durant thus far. Throughout this process, the Nets have clung to the idea that Durant may eventually change his mind and withdraw his desire to be traded, but as of right now, there is no proof to support it.

The Nets still have plenty of time to look for stronger trade proposals or wait for league conditions to alter sufficiently to motivate a new buyer with less than two months until the start of training camp. But it seems like the Nets and Durant are currently in a holding pattern. The last significant development on this front was the revelation that the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets had talked about a deal based around Jaylen Brown, but those negotiations were reportedly weeks old.

After tense contract negotiations earlier in the offseason, Kyrie Irving is “in a good position” with the Nets, according to Begley, which is some good news for the team. Irving has reportedly expressed a desire to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, and with one year remaining on his maximum contract, Irving may decide to sign with them for the upcoming campaign. Irving is still a Net for the time being, though. This is subject to change if Durant is dealt.

Although it seems more likely that Durant and Irving will at least start training camp with the Nets the longer this goes on. There may then be a trade. Perhaps by the deadline, something will happen. However, organizations haven’t yet made any bids that the Nets consider to be respectable.