One ex-NFL quarterback is certainly not a fan of Tom Brady: “He just annoys me,”


Although Ryan Fitzpatrick played in the NFL for 17 seasons, it seems it wasn’t long enough for him to gain Tom Brady’s respect.

Fitzpatrick made it quite obvious in a recent interview on “Pardon My Take” that he doesn’t think much of the Buccaneers’ quarterback. After one of the hosts brought up Brady’s honest remarks from June 2021, when Brady called an anonymous quarterback a “mother [expletive],” the topic of Brady was brought up.

Brady was discussing his free agent trip at the time, including how one team passed him because they were happy with their current player.

At the very last minute, one of the teams lost interest, according to Brady. “You’re stuck with that mother [expletive], I was thinking. Are you kidding me?”

Fitzpatrick is certain that Brady was referring to him, even though most people think he was talking about Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr.

Fitzpatrick declared, “It had to be me.

It’s probable that Brady was making a reference to Fitzpatrick. Prior to his free agency in March 2020, we know that the Dolphins reached out to Brady several times. However, we also know that Brian Flores, Miami’s head coach at the time, had no interest in signing Brady. Brady was ultimately passed over by the Dolphins so they could continue to use Fitzpatrick and Tua Tagovailoa, who was selected one month after Brady signed with the Buccaneers.

Fitzpatrick was informed during the podcast conversation that Brady obviously appreciates him, but the former Dolphins quarterback did not concur with that assessment.

“No. zero regard, “said Fitzpatrick. He would not shake my hand.

Fitzpatrick then went on to explain why he isn’t a huge Brady fan.

He just irritates me, man, I’ve told this story before, Fitzpatrick said of the 45-year-old. “Playing New England, who always beats us and kicks our asses, [I’m] in Buffalo. In 2011, we eventually defeated them. The season had only begun when it happened. He threw five interceptions during the game, which was really fantastic to watch after our strong start. What a beautiful sight.”

Following Buffalo’s 34-31 victory, Brady raced “straight off” the field without engaging in a postgame handshake, which wasn’t so great for Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick anticipated the moment they would have at midfield after finally defeating Brady, but it never materialized.

“Like, where are the cameras? No handshake, no quarterback in the middle of the field? Good luck with your health, buddy. Give me a head pat and let me go. just sprinted away, “said Fitzpatrick. “The lack of respect there simply irritated me so much. After that, whenever I played him, I thought, “All right, let’s make this guy respect me.””

The good news for Fitzpatrick in all of this is that he ultimately came out on top. In the final game of the regular season in 2019, Fitzpatrick faced Brady for the last time. The Patriots needed to win the game in order to guarantee a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, but they were unsuccessful in doing so. The Dolphins and Fitzpatrick ultimately stunned the Patriots 27-24.

Fitzpatrick remarked, “The last one was very beautiful since it was the ‘Tank For Tua’ year. “Is this the worst football team in history after a 0–7 start? They defeated us (43-0) early in the season. It was his final regular-season game for the Patriots, they needed to defeat us to gain home-field advantage, and we did just that by scoring the game-winning touchdown.”

Fitzpatrick believes he may have attained the post-game handshake he had been seeking after that game.

Fitzpatrick admitted, “I’m quite sure I started it.

This week, the now-retired quarterback has been promoting the notion that Amazon will take over “Thursday Night Football” in the media. Fitzpatrick will work on the pregame, halftime, and postgame shows for “NFL on Prime” as an analyst. In the days leading up to Tampa Bay’s Thursday night game in Week 8, Amazon will make sure Fitzpatrick has an interview with Brady if it truly wants to spice things up.