2022 NFL trade deadline grades tracker: Panthers win McCaffrey trade, Eagles receive “B+” for Robert Quinn deal 2022 NFL trade deadline grades tracker: Panthers win McCaffrey trade, Eagles receive “B+” for Robert Quinn deal


On November 1, midway through the regular season, the 2022 NFL trade deadline will soon be here. Due to the league’s high level of parity, more clubs may consider themselves contenders and investigate the market. Others, though, might take advantage of the chance to sell some of their most valuable assets in advance of a revamp in 2023.

We’re rating each significant move that occurs one week before the deadline of November 1 here:

the Eagles obtain Robert Quinn

Eagles acquire: DE Richard Quinn
Bears receive: a fourth-round pick in 2023

With a 6-0 record, the Eagles are already firmly in the running for the championship. Quinn offers them a reliable situational pass rusher to add to their rotation.The former Pro Bowler struggled to match his early-year domination in 2021, but he has over ten years of experience as a reliable edge presence and should line up opposite Brandon Graham behind Josh Sweat and star rookie Haason Reddick on the first squad. A fourth for a costly 32-year-old player isn’t cheap, but Quinn is allegedly paid most of his contract by the Bears and is readily replaceable after the current season. Call it a win-win situation for both parties, with Philadelphia looking to strengthen its front in the final stages like it did in 2017.

B+ for the Eagles
B for bears
49ers obtain Matthew McCaffrey

49ers acquire RB The Christian McCaffrey Panthers receive the following draft picks: 2023 second round, 2023 third round, 2023 fourth round, and 2024 fifth round.

The 49ers’ investment in McCaffrey, who is also owing $36 million from 2023–2025, is rather expensive given that Kyle Shanahan typically schemes up a dominant ground game regardless of who is in the backfield. He provides Jimmy Garoppolo with an excellent safety valve as a runner and receiver as an immediate acquisition, ensuring San Francisco will be a contender in the NFC West.However, as a whole, it’s difficult to declare Carolina the winner because, despite McCaffrey’s importance to their offense and fan base, he has a long history of injuries at a position that is now more replaceable than ever. Additionally, the Panthers should benefit from his return by using it as leverage when they are looking to sign a franchise quarterback in the future.

Panthers receive an A;

49ers receive a B.

James Robinson is acquired by Jets

Jets acquire: RB Robinson, James
2023 conditional sixth-round pick goes to the Jaguars

Breece Hall’s brilliant rookie season was cut short by injury, and New York moved quickly and cheaply to replace him. Robinson makes up for his lack of pure explosiveness with toughness, offering the Jets a potential workhorse for their effective ground game and unexpected playoff run.

Robinson’s spryer rival, Travis Etienne, was destined to receive more attention from Jacksonville, but trading up to the fifth round for a veteran recovering from a catastrophic injury represents good value. However, as insurance for Etienne, they might have kept Robinson on a modest restricted free agent deal in 2023.

Jaguars grade: B;

Jets grade: A

Johnathan Hankins is acquired by the Cowboys

To the Cowboys: DT Seventh-round pick in 2024: Jonathan Hankins
Raiders receive a 2023 sixth-round selection.

Dallas’ defense has been a nightmare for most opponents, but the one spot where it fell short was in run support, making Hankins (6-3, 340) a perfect interior plug-and-play option. The Cowboys are renting a seasoned run stopper who may eventually become a starter on their front in an effort to make a postseason push.

Las Vegas is free to switch picks and give younger investments the 30-year-old losing snaps, but it’s feasible that the Raiders’ top-10 run defense might suddenly suffer if there are injuries.

Cowboys receive a B+.
Raiders receive a B-.