Gervonta Davis states, “Once I get these guys out of there, I’m gone,” that she doesn’t anticipate being in boxing for very long.


The first phase of Davis’ retirement strategy is the Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia matchup. After establishing his legacy in fights against Garcia, Shakur Stevenson, and Devin Haney, Davis plans to move into a place in the boxing industry’s backroom operations.

Due to the intrigues involved in organizing fights between several companies and television rights holders, Davis vs. Garcia had long eluded fans. Davis and Garcia should be commended for leading the charge and overcoming challenging challenges in order to meet as early as 2023. Garcia’s dedication to the battle is acknowledged by “Tank,” who sees their meeting as a springboard for scheduling other bouts with the top lightweights in the sport.

According to Davis and “Morning Kombat” anchor Luke Thomas of CBS Sports, “he definitely wants the smoke.” “I believe it’s beneficial for the sport. Since we are both at the prime of our careers, I believe it is unquestionably beneficial for the sport. He’s famished. I’m definitely hungry. There aren’t any other young combatants now engaged in combat. This feels like the beginning.

“I believe that this is the first match between the top 135 fighters. This is what ignites it. Deals are possible.

The 28-year-old Davis views Garcia’s battle as his first of three remaining fights before retirement. Before moving into a position where he can assist the upcoming boxing generation in realizing their potential, Davis intends to establish his legacy against Stevenson and Haney.

“I believe it has provided access. I’m not going to lie. I don’t actually intend to stay in this for very long. So there you have it, for you, the solution,” Davis remarked. “I’m leaving as soon as I get those guys out of there.

“I wish to assist others who are following me. That, in my opinion, is more crucial. The upcoming… It is something that I was raised with. People in this situation are missing out on loyalty. I believe that you should assist someone if you are able to. for the appropriate causes.”