Tennis legend Boris Becker claims that while incarcerated, he was in fear for his life.


Boris Becker, a member of the tennis hall of fame, was freed from prison earlier this month after serving eight months of a 2.5-year sentence. It didn’t take him long to start talking about his ordeal; Becker told German television Sat. 1 in an interview that he had been threatened by some detainees and had feared for his life.

After declaring bankruptcy in 2017, Becker was found guilty in the spring of concealing assets and moving huge sums of money illegally.

According to Becker, it felt “not human” to share a cell with someone you dread and have to watch your back in the shower. “John” was one of the prisoners he was worried about; he was serving time for several homicides. Because John supposedly demanded money, he threatened him. John was urged not to harm Becker by other prisoners who got along well with him.

He claimed to have been surrounded once by another prisoner he called “Ike.” According to Becker, he called for assistance, and 10 prisoners responded.

The following day, Ike asked whether I would accept his apology, Becker said, according to Sat.1. I could have turned it down. He and I met in the wash. He threw himself on the ground and pleaded with me to pardon him. I helped him stand up and gave him a bear hug.

And I expressed to him my admiration for him.

Becker said the “blood brothers” who supported him during his prison term are people he would always be grateful to. According to him, their struggle for survival brought them together. In order to celebrate his birthday in November, three chocolate cakes were ordered, according to Becker. He wants to maintain contact with the pals he made while incarcerated.

The entire experience, according to Becker, opened his eyes since he felt hunger for the first time and learned what it was like to be treated like a number.

“You are a nobody in prison. Just a number, you. I used A2923EV “said Becker. “My name wasn’t Boris; I was just a number. And it doesn’t matter a fig who you are.”

Despite the challenging circumstances, Becker claimed he was able to get through them with the help of his supporters and friends who wrote messages to him. He preserved them all and plans to reply during the holiday season.

These letters, according to Becker, “helped me greatly to maintain my morale and my zest for life.”

Becker called his time in prison “the darkest time of my life,” but he claimed he now believes it was necessary so he could learn from his mistakes.

I ended up becoming lazy because I trusted the wrong people, Becker claimed. “Time spent in jail brought me back. I was given another chance through it. It’s now up to me to carry on along this road. I believe incarceration was beneficial for me because of this.”