Due to David Montgomery’s injury and other waivers, add Khalil Herbert to your fantasy football lineup for Week 4 Due to David Montgomery’s injury and other waivers, add Khalil Herbert to your fantasy football lineup for Week 4


You are not alone if you haven’t been overly impressed with the options you have so far this season on the waiver wire. However, Week 4 could bring about a significant change since Khalil Herbert could be the FAB-busting addition we’ve been waiting for.

Naturally, that will depend on how serious David Montgomery’s injury turns out to be. We may be dealing with a significant injury after Montgomery left Sunday’s game early with a knee/ankle injury and was promptly listed as questionable. Even if Montgomery’s absence is only temporary, Herbert is likely to be a must-start and must-add running back in fantasy lineups.

Herbert had a great game against the Texans on Sunday, rushing for 157 yards and two touchdowns on 20 attempts. Most significantly, he was dominant at work. He added two catches for 12 yards. Tristan Ebner largely took over Herbert’s position; as a change-of-pace option, he ended up with seven carries. When Montgomery was healthy, he received two to three drives for every one that Herbert received, and it appears that the pattern continued when Montgomery was injured.

And if Montgomery is sidelined for a while, that’s what I anticipate from this Bears offense. Although the offense hasn’t been particularly strong or good, they have run the ball rather effectively. And perhaps more significantly, they have enthusiastically run the ball. This club has made the decision to adopt the 2021 Eagles game plan, attempting to win each game with the fewest passes possible. This lowers the offense’s potential upside overall, but for a team that enjoys concentrating the snaps and touches of its main running back, you’ll take it.

And Herbert appears to have a chance to take the lead again in this situation. Whatever your opinion of Justin Fields’ passing ability—”it remains iffy” is the polite way I can describe it right now—his agility will allow whichever running back is present to gain an advantage in the rush. In Week 2, Montgomery gained 122 yards on 15 carries. Herbert should be added to every CBS Fantasy league where he is available this week as he is available in 44% of them.

For Montgomery’s sake, let’s hope the injury isn’t as bad as it first appeared to be. If so, Herbert might be rated as a top-12 RB by the general public given the weak Giants defense he will face in Week 4. That kind of player, if he’s available, is worth more than 50% of your FAB. Herbert might be that kind of league-winning addition if Montgomery’s absence ends up lasting months as opposed to just a few weeks.