Notwithstanding COVID vaccine requirements, Novak Djokovic is requesting a special visa to enter the US, according to his brother.


Notwithstanding an existing need for international air travelers entering the country to have received the COVID vaccine, Serbia’s Novak Djokovic has requested a special permit to enter the United States in order to compete in the Indian Wells and Miami Open, according to his brother Djordje. The current vaccine requirement is not anticipated to be abolished prior to the start of both championships in March, according to Reuters.

Due to his refusal to receive the COVID vaccine, Djokovic, 35, has perhaps become the most well-known athlete in the world. He has remained steadfast in his choice despite being expelled from Australia before the 2022 Australian Open because of this. As the nation’s severe vaccination requirements were overturned this year, Djokovic triumphantly returned to the Australian Open and won the competition for his 22nd Grand Slam victory.

Djordje Djokovic stated to Serbian news agency Tanjug that “Novak has to seek special authorization since the U.S. is still barring access to non-vaccinated people, which is simply incomprehensible as the world is open and sporting events feature vaccinated and non-vaccinated players alike.” “The directors of the tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami have openly stated that Novak is needed at both events and that they want him to come, and Novak has submitted all the necessary paperwork and a request. There are only a few days left before a decision is made, so all we can do now is hold out hope for a good result.”

The current vaccination requirements for international air visitors entering the United States are anticipated to be repealed in mid-April. Nonetheless, there has been optimism in Djokovic’s case that a solution may be found; this belief has even reached Tommy Haas, the director of the Indian Wells tournament.

Haas recently told reporters, “It would be good to see if we could maybe lift those a little earlier and have him come to play Indian Wells and Miami. We should give him the opportunity because I believe he wants to play. We’re hoping he’ll be there.

In my opinion, it would be shameful if he wasn’t permitted to attend these events or wasn’t allowed to come at all.